Our domain has been existing for several generations. Our village, Louvois, is well-known because it’s a 100 % Grand Cru classified wine area, and only 17 villages in the Champagne region got such a distinction. Our vineyards are South, South-East exposed and the soil is a mix of clay and limestone.

An independant winegrower

We till 9.5 hectares mostly located around Louvois, Bouzy Grand Cru and Tauxières Mutry which on the sale of crus corresponds to 99%. Our grape varieties consist in 75% Pinot Noir and 25 % Chardonnay. We are Champagne maker-vinters and are part of the independant winegrowers who, of course have to respect a charter.

An independant winegrower

  • Respects his terroir
  • Works his vines
  • Harvest his grapes
  • Vinifies and matures his wine himself
  • Does the bottling in his own cellar
  • Sells his products
  • Improves with respect of the tradition

Welcomes customers, advises the tasting and enjoys explaining his labour and the results of his growing.

The vineyard

A part of our vineyard is not weeded, to avoid the use of herbicide (chemical weeding), which will soon be forbidden.

Concerning the protection of the vineyard, we reason our treatment plant in order to preserve the quality of the soil, the water, the air and the fauna. In order to get a better protection of the environment, we have invested in a new straddle tractor to help us work the soil, mow and use the exact quantity of products.

The press

We use a wooden vertical-press, thanks to which a softer and more qualitative extraction of the must (that is to say grape juice) is made possible.

The winery

The alcoholic fermentation takes place in our stainless steel tanks which are equipped with a thermoregulation. The fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature, usually around 18 °C, so that we get more qualitative wines and a greater aromatic finesse.

In our family domain, we do not use malolactic fermentation to keep the freshness, a potential of ageing and fruitiness.

The cellar

The riddling of the bottles is only hand-made.

Visiting the cellars

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. enjoy responsibly.