Premiers Crus

Brut Cuvée Euphrasie

This wine is the fruit of a blending of 85% of Chardonnay Vintage 2012 and 15% of Pinot Noir Vintage 2011. On the nose, this blending is rich and expressing floral notes and candied citrus (tangerine), melted with praline and meringue notes, showing a beautiful evolution. The palate is generous and straightforward, and reminds of candied lemon, full-riped kiwi melted with a mild and ample floral aroma.  

Rosé dry

This wine is the fruit of a blending of 70% Pinot noir and 30% Chardonnay, blended with red coteaux champenois elaborated on Bouzy terroir. The elegant, precise and black-fruity nose is dominated by blackberry, blackcurrant and morello cherry. A generous style, coated with sweetness, reminds of fruits in syrup. The great aromatic richness leads to a generous and full-bodied palate revealing crispy summer fruits (cherries, nectarines). A straightforward and balanced champagne.  

Blanc de Noirs

It's a 2013 wine. It's made with 100 % Pinot Noir, it's a " Blanc de Noirs ". It contains no dosage. This Bland de Noirs, Extra Brut highlights our Pinot Noir. A beautiful golden colour. The nose is linked by white fruit in full maturity with a nice touch of citrus. The mouth is led by a nice tension of pretty aromatic notes ( mandarin and lemon jam) with a more mineral finish.

Brut Rosé

This wine is the result of a blending of 70 % Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. The Pinot Noir, a part of which is vinified in red wine comes from our oldest vines from the terroir of Bouzy. A beautiful pink colour, with salmoned reflections. This Champagneis at first fine and subtile, the nit reveals its richness and complexity. The match of red fruit with black fruit reveals a balance on the palate between the power of the Pinot Noir and the natural acidity of the grapes. A delicate and well built rosé for a festive foretaste.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. enjoy responsibly.